Captain Slow Reiterates He Will Not Be On Top Gear Without Jezza


James May – aka Captain Slow – has reiterated that he will not be a part of whatever new version of “Top Gear” the BBC comes up without Jeremy Clarkson, who was tossed off the show after his infamous “fracas” with a show producer earlier this year. May had already intimated that neither he nor “Top Gear”’s other co-presenter, Richard Hammond, would be likely to join a new version of the show without Clarkson, but just in case anybody had missed that sentiment, May made it clear once again in an interview with the British newspaper, The Guardian [see link below] that such an idea would be “lame”.

May did, however, clarify that Clarkson was neither fired nor banned by the Beeb – merely that he did not have his contract renewed for “Top Gear” – and that, as such, the trio could reunite for another motoring show and still have that show on the BBC. [A potential scenario which may explain why no other major network or streaming service has not yet announced their own version of “Top Gear” with the three amigos].

Captain Slow Says No

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