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The Grand Tour Season Two Episode 10 – Review


The 10th episode of the second season of “The Grand Tour” is titled “Oh, Canada” as the boys travel to – you guessed it, Canada – to ostensibly test out medium-sized SUV’s from Alfa Romeo, Porsche and Range Rover.

The segment begins with Jeremy Clarkson in Alfa Romeo’s option, called the Stelvio, James May in a Range Rover Velar and Porsche-lover Richard Hammond in, what else, a Porsche Macan. They take the three vehicles to the Area 27 Motorsports Park in British Columbia where they each fail a dog test [unable to fit a pair of Newfoundlands and close the rear door] and discover that the Stelvio [which James has christened as a “car on stilts”] cannot have a tow bar attached so Jeremy replaces it with a Ford F-150 Raptor for their test of towing a boat to an undisclosed location which is won, naturally, by Jeremy in his non-SUV truck.

Conversation Street is light this week, containing only one topic – vans – which James brings up only to have it diverted by Jeremy and Richard to an auto-erotic death ending.

Despite his past history with Tesla [where he bad-mouthed the Roadster on the former “Top Gear” show only to have Tesla sue them and lose, twice] Jeremy reviews the Tesla Model X SUV-like vehicle, with a team of lawyers along for the ride, beating an Audi R8 in a drag race before providing the main drawback – its cost of $215,000.

The Celebrity Face-Off segment pits actual golfer Rory McIlroy against daughter of a golf-course builder and socialite, Paris Hilton, who, despite revealing that she likes fast cars, does not actually drive all that quickly and McIlroy wins.

Overall, a decent episode despite the inclusion of Hilton, and ASN will award it an 88 out of 100.

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