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Lamborghini Takes Another Swing At An SUV


You may remember Lamborghini’s first attempt at a sport utility vehicle – the Hummer-like LM002 [pictured below] made between 1986-93 – or you may not. Don’t worry, we won’t dock you any points either way. The only real question now is why Lamborghini is even considering entering the SUV market again after the mostly spectacular failure that was the LM002 and the failures of others of its ilk [Porsche Cayenne] along with the fact that most people simply will not associate the luxury Italian supercar company with an SUV. Given all that, greed seems to be the appropriate answer, then – but the Chinese market and massive Italian tax breaks seem to also add to the greed idea.

The new Lamborghini SUV [named the Urus as a prototype but without a name so far] has reportedly leapt off the prototype page and will be making its 3000-vehicle debut sometime in 2017 or 2018 while trying not to look like a Lexus.


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