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McLaren Launches Expensive Vision Collection So You Can See Their Poor Finishes


McLaren has spent the majority of the 2019 Formula One season qualifying well and then disappearing from sight once the actual races begin – and that is without mentioning their infamous poor attempt at qualifying for the 2019 Indianapolis 500. So with that in mind, McLaren Automotive has decided to launch their expensive Vision Collection of fancy-pants eyewear so you can pay them large sums of money to either see their poor results with more clarity [prescription eyewear] or mask the poor results entirely with sunglasses.

The McLaren Vision Collection offers five Leica sun lens types – why five? why, for driving in Monte Carlo, golfing in Scotland, sailing your superyacht in the Mediterranean, skiing at Cortina or for leisure time on your private island, of course, you silly goose! – on 3D-printed titanium frames [with the option of using face-scanning technology for the perfect tailored fit, naturally].

The McLaren Vision Collection will be displayed for the first time at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in July 2019 and will become available at independent eyewear specialists with frame prices ranging from $323 to $2,008.

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