1. MrGlennz0r

    I’m a Yamaha guy myself, but I do think Marquez being disqualified from the
    Phillip Island race was extremely unfair. I felt bad for the whole Repsol

  2. DAVPK1

    I don’t fault Marquez at all . When they ran that goofy motocross race in
    Las Vegas they had a side section that all racers had to go through once .
    They appropriately called it the ” joker ” lane ( some kind of side show BS
    that doesn’t belong in pro racing ) . Two of the leading racers failed to
    go through it . Racers concentration is too focused on track and the
    competition to be worrying about some idiot new rule thrown in at the last
    moment . They should have just shortened the race .

  3. chicknfeed

    yes bridgestone issues but everyone had the same tyres. honda shouldnt have
    tried to manipulate the rules given to them by race direction

  4. Aaqhil Hussain

    Marquez Struggled a lot in Le Mans with Wet.. With Nakasuga added(Who
    finished 2nd in the valencia 2012 wet), Marquez has got a Big Big Big
    pressue surrounded by Yamahas. For someone else’s mistake, he lost 25/20
    points. Careless Bridgestone.. Why didn’t they test with atleast casey who
    resides there and he is a test rider as well. The higher officials act like
    they are king and make rules out of nowhere and their mistake goes hidden.

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