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Tennessee Man Really Likes Reese’s


A man in Nashville, Tennessee – we could call him Reese’s Robert, but that is not his name, it is Lavoy Sales – likes Reese’s various peanut butter-and-chocolate candies so much that he festooned his car with images of them.

Not surprisingly, Hershey – the parent company of Reese’s – wanted to find out who this person was when they viewed his creation on social media and took to placing five billboard advertisements around Nashville asking: “Is this your car?” with a hotline number, before finally locating Sales [who is actually from nearby Springfield, Tennessee].

The company contacted Sales, who told them he had the car detailed in Reese’s logos two months ago simply because he loves the candy. He also said he purchases bags of peanut butter cups every week and hands them out to townspeople.

The company is reportedly finalizing plans for how they will pay tribute to Sales for his Reese’s love, with a company representative traveling to Tennessee to deliver merchandise, peanut butter cups, videos and a Reese’s T-shirt (which Sales specifically requested) for the holidays.

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