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The Grand Tour Season Two Episode Six – Review


The sixth episode of the second season of “The Grand Tour” debuted today, entitled “Jaaaaaaags!” – and it fully came through on that title promise.

The main segment was essentially a fancy version of what used to be called “Cheap Car Challenge” on the former “Top Gear” series only this time, the boys were showcasing the historically unreliable nature of Jaguar cars as well as being on location in Colorado near the ski resort of Telluride. Clarkson has a 2000 XJR, May begins with an XK8 convertible and Hammond begins with a 1967 420G – but the real star of the segment is the writing, with May getting all the best lines…

“It looks as though there’s been a knife fight.” [May, upon viewing the upholstery of Jeremy’s Jag]

“You’ve brought a piece of furniture!” [May on Hammond’s 1967 420G]

“Any idiot knows you don’t put German bits in a car.” [May commenting on Clarkson’s gearbox issues]

Hammond even got in a good line after his 420G started smoking, observing – “It’s having a smoke! Everyone smoked in the 60’s!”

After thoroughly abusing the 420G on the off-road portion of the testing, Hammond would eventually have to retire the 420G and replace it with an XJ6 – which then refused to start due to a fuel pump issue and later overheated]. Meanwhile, May’s original XK8 failed the 0-100-0 test at the Telluride Airport and was flung off a cliff in the attempt, to be replaced by an XJS. Clarkson’s XJR made it through to the final skiing portion of the segment mostly unscathed except for a scripted pullover by the Sheriff where he tried to invoke the Queen’s protection.

Conversation Street topics were mostly weak – focusing on the UK fire brigade’s enthusiasm in using the Jaws of Life to rip the roofs off people’s cars and a brief mention of the Aston Martin Vantage before ending with an even briefer mention of Dickass Auto [viewing will be required for fuller explanation].

Actors Kiefer Sutherland and Luke Evans comprised the celebrities on Celebrity Face-Off and Sutherland’s two film stories were the best bit before he went on to win the driving segment with an impressive time of 1:17.8.

Overall, the sixth episode was nearly perfect – save for better topics on Conversation Street and we could have lost the scripted Sheriff scene with Jeremy – and easily the best of the season so far [and possibly the best of the series overall]. ASN awards a 94 out of a 100.

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