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The Grand Tour Series 3 Episode 4 – Review


The fourth episode of the third series of “The Grand Tour” was entitled “Pickups, Put Downs” as it focused on a challenge – of sorts – of pickup trucks, but only the European models. Specifically, a Volkswagen Amarok driven by Jeremy Clarkson, a Mercedes X-Class driven by James May and the European market’s Ford Ranger driven by Richard Hammond.

All three have their shortcomings exposed in a variety of tests that include destroying things, a drag/fleeing race, transporting fuel and a terrorist test – all under the guise of a theme of rebuilding a village and starting anew.

Conversation Street was the best part of the episode as the trio covered a variety of topics which viewers will likely have to choose as to which one was their favorite – ours was Hammond’s gray hair reveal.

Jeremy tested the Jaguar XE Project 8 – with underwhelming results.

Overall, ASN awards this episode a paltry 79 out of 100 – not their best effort – as most of the truck tests were obviouslky scripted/staged and without using American trucks, mostly useless.

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