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100 Years Of Cars – Poorly Done


Think about it. If you want to compose a brief video encompassing 100 years’ worth of cars on this planet we call Earth, would you spend two-thirds of it on American cars? Of course YOU wouldn’t but Mode would. They composed a brief little foray into automotive history called “100 years of Cars” and then promptly refused to acknowledge Europe or Asia even existed until the 1970s [apparently]. So that means no Ferrari, Mercedes, Renault or any of several dozen major manufacturers are represented until they provide, as an example, a poor Fiat and not one of the better Porsches to represent the 1970s and 1980s before insulting us with RAV4 and Toyota Prius [!] in the last few decades.

Non-automotive-history aware public – beware – this video does not represent automotive history well and we only provide it here as a public service announcement so that you may be a smarter person in the future when you encounter a 1954 Mercedes SL on the road…

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