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ASN 2018 Formula One Driver Rankings – After Brazilian Grand Prix


The 2018 Brazilian Grand Prix is in the books and what looked like it was going to be a victory for Red Bull’s Max Verstappen turned instead into another win for the 2018 F1 world champion, Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes. Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen claimed the third and final podium position.

Hamilton sat on pole for the race start, but it was Verstappen who came charging through the field from his sixth-position starting spot on the grid, eventually passing Hamilton on Lap 40 and looking well on his way to winning the race until four laps later, Force India’s Esteban Ocon collided with him in an attempt to un-lap himself. The collision allowed Hamilton to retake the lead and he never looked back to claim the victory. This was an obvious gift win for Hamilton and ASN awards three points to Verstappen for his drive, despite his second-place finish, along with two points to Raikkonen for his podium finish fending off Verstappen’s Red Bull teammate, Daniel Ricciardo, at the line. The final point goes to Sauber’s Charles Leclerc, who had an impressive drive in finishing seventh as the king of the best of the rest. Hamilton has already secured the ASN title.

The Pastor Maldonado Driving School Award is undisputed this week, going to Ocon for his earnest attempt but poor judgment in timing and place on the track. Verstappen has already clinched the Maldonado title.

The Kimi Raikkonen “Leave Me Alone! I Know What I’m Doing!” Award goes to McLaren’s Fernando Alonso who channeled his inner-Kimi with his early-race declaration – “No more radio for the rest of the race!” Alonso took a half-point lead over Hamilton and a full point lead over Verstappen in a race that will come down to the wire in Abu Dhabi to see who loses their cool first in the desert heat.

The Bernie Ecclestone Doofus Moment Award goes to Verstappen for his post-race reaction to Ocon’s hit on his car, shoving Ocon, proving he has not yet fully matured but may find a future home in NASCAR. Verstappen now moves into a tie with Hamilton for the Ecclestone Award lead – setting up a winner-take-all Doofus-ness in Abu Dhabi.

2018 ASN Formula One Driver Standings [after Brazilian Grand Prix]

1] Lewis Hamilton – 35 points
2] Sebastian Vettel – 24
3] Max Verstappen – 17
4] Kimi Raikkonen – 15
5] Valtteri Bottas – 13
6] Daniel Ricciardo – 9.33
7] Sergio Perez – 3
8] Pierre Gasly – 2.33
9] Nico Hulkenberg – 2
10] Charles Leclerc – 1
11] Stoffel Vandoorne – .33

2018 Pastor Maldonado Driving School Award [after Brazilian Grand Prix]

1] Verstappen – 6.83 points
2] Romain Grosjean/Vettel – 2
4] Bottas – 1.5
5] Hulkenberg/Esteban Ocon/Perez/Sergey Sirotkin/Vandoorne – 1
10] Gasly/Hamilton/Brendan Hartley/Raikkonen – .5
14] Red Bull/Ricciardo – .33

2018 Kimi Raikkonen “Leave Me Alone! I Know What I’m Doing!” Award [after Brazilian Grand Prix]

1] Fernando Alonso – 5.5 points
2] Hamilton – 5
3] Verstappen – 4.5
4] Bottas/Raikkonen/Vettel – 1
7] Leclerc/Perez/Minttu Raikkonen/Verstappen pit – .5

2018 Bernie Ecclestone Doofus Moment Award [after Brazilian Grand Prix]

1] Hamilton/Verstappen – 3.125 points
3] McLaren/Mercedes – 1.5
5] Toto Wolff – 1.125
6] Canadian Grand Prix officials/Ferrari pit [Raikkonen]/Force India/Mercedes pit [Hamilton]/Monaco Grand Prix officials/Red Bull/Vettel – 1
13] Ecclestone – .625
14] Azerbaijan Grand Prix officials/Nico Rosberg/Spanish Grand Prix officials – .5
17} Gasly/Grosjean/Hulkenberg/Kevin Magnussen – .125

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