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ASN Holiday Gift Guide Idea #000 – The First Ford Bronco


If the street legal Lola is not available – may we interest you in the first-ever Ford Bronco as a holiday gift for your discerning automotive-loving recipient?

Gateway Bronco in Illinois has the first-ever Ford Bronco to come off the factory line in 1965 – a half-cab that was given/sold to some random dude by the name of Carroll Shelby. The truck was red when Shelby originally obtained it and immediately ditched the factory straight-six engine for the familiar Mustang 289 V8 and, of course, cut the rear fenders to fit oversize tires. In the engine swap process, Shelby disconnected the odometer – and it remained disconnected – so it still reads a mere 1.9 miles, even though it has been used for more miles than that.

The history, unique VIN number ending with 000 and the fact that the vehicle has been sitting in a barn for more than a decade means that the truck, once restored, will likely fetch six-figure numerals at an auction – if it ever gets that far. For now, though, it’s at Gateway Bronco in Illinois.

The Ford Bronco back in the day.

The Ford Bronco back in the day.

Photo credit – Gateway Bronco

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