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ASN Rich Kid Holiday Gift Idea #1


So you say you are wealthy, eh? Rich enough to order at least three Christmas-hating lattes at Starbucks at one time and still have enough left over for lunch at Arby’s and the gas it takes to get there?

Well then, has AutoSportsNation got the gift for you! Or rather, for your kid…because you’re too big to drive it even if you have been on a diet or hadn’t gulped down that extra helping at Thanksgiving.

It’s the mini roadster arcade simulator from the Hammacher-Schlemmer luxury catalog. You know Ham-Schlem, they are the ones always advertising the things that you no-way-in-hell need but would definitely buy if you were some tech tycoon or had shares of Google stock or a massive trust fund or something.

The mini roadster arcade simulator in question [see link below] is, technically, for those of us who are ages four to 12 – not 4-12 in spirit, but actually ages 4-12 – and the best thing about it besides the coin slot being disabled is that you don’t have to be in a busy arcade tussling with Timmy over seat time in the thing. It’s all yours…for a price, of course…and that price is a mere $6900 [plus $200 for shipping].

But what’s $7100 for what will surely be hours of enjoyment before you get bored with it?

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