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Audi And Porsche Join Formula One


After years of generous hemming and hawing, both German car companies Audi and Porsche have decided to enter Formula One, according to an official announcement from their parent company, Volkswagen, on Monday.

Porsche is reportedly preparing to begin an alliance with Red Bull beginning in 2026 with the team being known as Red Bull-Porsche.

Audi will come in as its own team and is expected to gain a racing partner by buying out an existing team’s contract – with Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, McLaren and Williams being the likely targets.

Although Formula 1 has yet to definitively lay down their new engine rules for upcoming years, they are expected to feature engines which will run on fully sustainable fuels and will make electric power a greater proportion of the overall output of the engine than is currently the case – which was the primary factor for enticing both VW-owned groups into F1.

Image courtesy of Audi

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