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Bentley Supplies King Charles’ Coach Cushions


Bentley Motors supplied the cushions for the royal coach as their contribution to celebrate the coronation of King Charles III today – however the cushions will remain with Bentley’s press cars and are not currently available for purchase.

The cushions were created by a team of workers based at Bentley’s Dream Factory in Crewe, England and the color combinations for the cushions have been matched to the individual specifications of two Bentayga EWBs and two Bentayga Hybrids and one other custom Bentley. Those colors include Cricketball, Cumbrian Green, Imperial Blue and Saddle [with Beluga piping], Porpoise, Newmarket Tan and Imperial Blue.

The size and shape of the cushions have been modeled from the cushions of the 1958 S1 Continental Flying Spur in Bentley’s Heritage Collection.

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