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BMW Films Brings The Calm To Cannes In 2023


BMW – the returning as official automotive partner of the 2023 Cannes Film Festival – is bringing “The Calm” to Cannes, along with a special appearance by Uma Thurman (“Kill Bill”) as it features BMW’s fully electric i7 M70 xDrive.

Joseph Kosinski (“Top Gun: Maverick”) executive produces the eight-minute film which highlights BMW’s features in their electric vehicles – 200 of which will be offered for use to transport guests during the film festival.

BMW has also collaborated with two-time Academy Award winning composer Hans Zimmer to develop the score for the short film.

Yesterday, “The Calm” made its world premiere exclusively in the rear passenger area of the all-electric BMW i7 luxury sedan on the BMW Theatre Screen and today is available on the BMW YouTube channel.

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