BMW Motorcycle Comic Book Debuts At German Comic Con


BMW motorcycles combined with comic books, what could go wrong? Nothing, it’s all good for “Riders in the Storm” – a graphic novel creation from Croatian author/illustrator Darko Macan and illustrated by the Italian Riccardo Burchielli, which will get its debut this weekend at the German version of Comic Con in Stuttgart.

The graphic novel centers on the classic good-versus-evil foundation, only with motorcycles as a new element of delivery of the story goods. For characters, there is tatted-up policewoman, Makani Terror, whose companions are a wolf with superpowers, passionate racing rider Eve and street artist Nikki Animah. Then there are the mysterious Black Riders.

“Riders in the Storm” – in collaboration with BMW Motorrad – will be debuting at Comic Con Germany in Stuttgart on June 25-26, 2016.

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