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Cadillac And Andretti Plan Formula One Entry


Andretti Global led by former race car driver, Michael Andretti, is collaborating with General Motors – specifically, Cadillac – to create a new team for entry into Formula One.

The American-owned and based team would have “at least one American driver” said Andretti, who is the son of famous multi-racing series – including Formula 1 – star, Mario Andretti, who won the 1978 F1 world title.

While Andretti and Cadillac are making the announcement of their intent in 2023, the formal process of approvals from both F1 and the sport’s governing body – the FiA – mean it is likely that the new team would not race its first race until 2026, at the very minimum.

Andretti attempted to purchase the Sauber team in 2021, but failed.

The team will initially be based at Andretti’s racing headquarters in Indiana, but will have a European satellite base.

If Andretti and Cadillac are successful in entering F1 in 2026, they will join Audi – who was the successful purchaser of the Sauber team. Audi is producing a new engine for their formal entry in 2026.

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