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Cancer Claims Former FiA Chief, Max Mosley


Former FiA – the governing body of Formula One – chief, Max Mosley, perished after a bout with cancer.

Mosley was a former British racing driver who was president of FiA from 1993-2009 and was age 81 at his death.

Mosley pushed for stronger safety regulations following the death of Brazilian legend, Ayrton Senna, at Imola in 1994 but was plagued by controversy in the latter part of his presidency when a British tabloid published pictures of an alleged Nazi-themed [Mosley’s father was a British fascist leader in the 1930s] orgy. Mosley contested the Nazi theme of the article and won a judgment against the tabloid.

But Mosley’s reputation was damaged and he stepped down the next year, replaced by the current FiA president, Jean Todt.

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