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Coachbuilt Collaborates With Rolls-Royce


Former Formula One driver Jenson Button’s Coachbuilt whisky – itself a collaboration between Button and whisky expert George Koutsakis – has collaborated with Rolls-Royce to produce 300 bottles of the 30-year-old blended whisky.

Coachbuilt will offer half of the 300 bottles exclusively to Rolls-Royce London customers while the remaining 150 bottles of the limited release will be available to purchase via ballot. Winners will be selected and the bottles delivered in mid-June 2023.

Coachbuilt whisky is available for $1,860 per bottle and is composed of whiskies from all five whisky-producing regions of Scotland – Campbeltwon, Islay, Highlands, Lowlands and Speyside – and is aged in sherry casks for 30-35 years.

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