F1 Talks North American Expansion [Try Not To Snort In Derision]


North America beckons – at least that is how Liberty Media – the new Formula One corporate overlords – see it. With the elimination of USA-hating, dictator-loving current Formula chief crusty barnacle, Bernie Ecclestone, on the horizon, Liberty Media have already begun to speculate on potential North American F1 race locales – such as Las Vegas and Miami – that could be added to future schedules, but whooaa there, Nellie…first you have to have a track and, oh yeah, the interest levels to support it without a dictator’s money.

But according to Liberty Media CEO, Greg Maffei, any F1 race expansion on the schedule will go to Asia first, Latin America second and then – and only then – to North America.

Additionally, Maffei readily acknowledges that Formula One is currently dropping several extremely large balls on a regular basis by having nearly zero presence in this technological age such as social media and live streaming channels, mostly due to Ecclestone’s already admitted aversion to the 21st century and lack of interest in any channel that may produce exposure for the sport but not enough money in his bank accounts – but that they will pursue these opportunities [as well as gambling avenues] more aggressively in future years.


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