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FiA Set To Enforce Bouncing Measures


The FiA – Formula One’s governing body – is set to begin instituting measures to deal with limiting the issue of Formula 1 cars ‘bouncing’ during practices, qualifying sessions and races – with the measures to be employed beginning with the 2022 Belgian Grand Prix on August 28, 2022.

The FiA will introduce a metric which will determine the maximum amount of bouncing that is permitted by each car. Teams will have to make set-up changes if their car exceeds the limit and could face disqualification if that limit is exceeded during qualifying or a race.

Additionally, the FiA will limit the flexibility of the cars’ floors after it was discovered that some teams had found ways to flex their floors beyond expected limits. This will include a stiffening of the metal skid plates on the cars.

The FiA says they will use this weekend’s 2022 French Grand Prix as a testing ground for the new measures.

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