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Fluere Mixes Extreme E Cocktail


Fluère – a Dutch-based zero-alcohol spirit – has revealed its signature cocktail ahead of the final leg of the 2021 Extreme E Championship.

Fluère Drinks earlier this year signed a sponsorship deal with the Andretti United Extreme E racing team and Fluère [which translates as “flow”] is launching their signature non-alcoholic cocktail, Nature’s Bounty, to mark the finale of Andretti United Extreme E Championship.

The race is taking place this weekend (December 18-19, 2021) at Jurassic X Prix in Bovington, Dorset, UK. The site was chosen to highlight how rising sea levels are causing irreversible damage in the form of coastal erosion. The location for Extreme E races are selected to raise awareness of global climate change.

The Nature’s Bounty cocktail consists of Fluère Spiced Cane, coconut water, granny smith apple chunks, pear chunks, lime, honey and salt.

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