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Formula One Announces 2023 Sprint Race Venues


Azerbaijan, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Qatar and the USA [Austin] are the six race venues selected by Formula One to host ‘sprint’ events in the 2023 racing season – the format of the sprint race events will remain the same as the sprint weekends this season with a short sprint race on Saturday, with grid set by a standard qualifying session and points for the first eight finishers, defining the grid for the main grand prix on Sunday.

The first sprint will be held at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix in Baku on the weekend of April 28-30, 2023, which will be either the third or fourth race of the season depending on whether Formula 1 replaces the cancelled 2023 Chinese Grand Prix.

The remaining sprint race events are set for the Austrian Grand Prix [June 30-July 2, 2023], Belgian Grand Prix [July 28-30, 2023], Qatar Grand Prix [October 6-8, 2023], the USA Grand Prix in Austin, Texas [October 20-22, 2023] and the Brazilian Grand Prix [November 3-5, 2023].

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