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Formula One Issues Rear Wing Rule Change


Formula One has issued a new rule – which will go into effect beginning on June 15, 2021 – regarding the flexibility of Formula 1 cars’ rear wings.

Specifically, the FiA – F1’s governing body – has said that it has “become aware” that the rear wings on some F1 cars had passed the required load-deflection tests yet retained “excessive deflections while cars are in motion” during the first races of the season.

The FIA has told teams it plans to use on-board cameras to monitor the wings while cars are in motion in an attempt to spot any excessive movement of bodywork and all F1 teams will be required to put a series of markings on their wings to facilitate this process.

If a rear wing can be made to deflect or rotate in a specific manner – it can potentially reduce drag on the straights and make the car faster – before returning to its original position to maintain optimum downforce for the corners.

Teams are being given a month to comply with the new tests so they have enough time to strengthen their wings if necessary, and the first race at which the new tests will be in effect will be the 2021 French Grand Prix on June 27.

Three races – the Monaco Grand Prix [May 23], Azerbaijan Grand Prix [June 6] and the Turkish Grand Prix [June 13] – are scheduled to occur before that time, however, the Turkish Grand Prix is currently in flux and could be cancelled or postponed due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic which has caused a recent surge of cases in the country.

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