Formula One Paddock Club Open At Belgian Grand Prix – For $6060


Like the popular girl at high school making an effort to enhance her image, Formula One’s official Paddock Club suite – normally only available to corporate types, supposedly for security reasons [yeah, right] – is being offered to lowly fan types at the 2015 Belgian Grand Prix. For the privilege of hobnobbing with Formula One mucky mucks, you will only have to pay $6060 per person and the Paddock Club will only be available to tolerate your presence on Friday [when, we are suspecting, F1 chief barnacle in charge, Bernie Ecclestone, will not be around much for you to pepper him with questions of why he has a fanboy crush on Lewis Hamilton everything else that is wrong with the racing series]. It is the first time ever Formula One has offered the Paddock Club pass.

Entrance to the Paddock Club on Friday can be purchased for $1030 after one has purchased the normal three-day pass for $5030.

The 2015 Formula One season continues with the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps at 5 a.m. [PDT] on NBCSN on August 23, 2015.

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