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Formula One Postpones 2020 Monaco Grand Prix


Formula One made it official and announced that the 2020 Monaco Grand Prix – scheduled for May 24, 2020 – has been postponed due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

Along with the Monaco Grand Prix came the expected postponements of the Dutch Grand Prix [May 3, 2020] and Spanish Grand Prix [May 10, 2020] and those races now join the Australian Grand Prix, Bahrain Grand Prix, Chinese Grand Prix and Vietnam Grand Prix as all having been postponed – or possibly cancelled – due to the pandemic.

Formula 1’s governing body, the FIA, will now look at “potential alternative dates later in the year” to begin the 2020 season but, according to the FiA’s rules, a racing season has to contain eight races to qualify as a World Championship.

Additionally, the teams, F1 and the FIA have agreed to delay the introduction of a major set of rule changes by a year until 2022.

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