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Formula One Says They Are Aiming For Sustainable Fuels By 2026


Formula One say they plan – and the key words in that sentence are “say” and “plan” – to introduce engines powered by sustainable fuels by 2026 by combining hybrid engines with carbon-neutral fuels, aiming for a net-zero carbon footprint by 2030.

A statement issued by Formula 1 said: “At the top of our priorities for both sustainability and our sport is building a roadmap for the internal combustion engine that addresses the environmental goals of our automotive partners and society. Although the cars account for a very small percentage of our carbon footprint as a sport (0.7%), it is important the most visual part of our sport is sustainable and can have real-world benefits. We also believe there is not a single solution to the engine technologies of the future but a sustainably fuel hybrid engine will be a significant moment for the sport and the automotive sector.”

F1 currently has an existing requirement for engines to use fuels in 2021 that have a 10% sustainable content.

The sport’s sustainability plan includes 100% renewable-powered facilities and factories with all events using sustainable materials by 2025 [that includes the banning of single-use plastics].

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