Hamilton Wins Wet And Wild 2017 Singapore Grand Prix


After pole-sitter Sebastian Vettel crashed out on the first lap, Lewis Hamilton cruised to an easy victory at the 2017 Singapore Grand Prix and extended his overall lead in the 2017 Formula One season driver points standings. Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo finished second and Hamilton’s Mercedes’ teammate, Valtteri Bottas, finished third.

It was a rainy start that wound up being both wet and wild as Vettel sat on the first row with Red Bull’s Max Verstappen but it was Vettel’s Ferrari teammate, Kimi Raikkonen, who came storming up from the second row to overtake Verstappen but the great start could not be seen by Vettel, who pinched Verstappen coming into the first turn and that resulted in all three cars colliding – and being knocked out of the race on the first lap. Hamilton, starting a distant fifth, then took the lead over Ricciardo and the race was all but over from that point onward.

It was a crucial loss of points for Vettel as Hamilton has now extended his season driver points lead to 28 with 263 points to Vettel’s 235 and Bottas sitting at 212 points.

2017 Singapore Grand Prix Top 10

1 Lewis Hamilton – Mercedes
2 Daniel Ricciardo – Red Bull
3 Valtteri Bottas – Mercedes
4 Carlos Sainz – Toro Rosso
5 Sergio Perez – Force India
6 Jolyon Palmer – Renault
7 Stoffel Vandoorne – McLaren
8 Lance Stroll – Williams
9 Romain Grosjean – Haas
10 Esteban Ocon – Force India

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