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Hammond Builds Crazy Contraptions


Former “Top Gear” and current “The Grand Tour” co-host Richard Hammond will produce a new UK-based show entitled “Richard Hammond’s Crazy Contraptions” – featuring engineering enthusiasts from around the UK who must battle to create the most ingenious contraptions using everyday objects.

Teams of contestants will go head-to-head to build their own Chain Reaction Machines – mechanisms that are made from everyday materials that complete basic domestic tasks in the most complicated way possible – while having access to a workshop and purpose-built home environment to test their invention.

At the end of each episode, contestants will be judged based on their ingenuity, design and build-quality, with one team eliminated from the competition every week, before a champion is crowned in the seventh and final episode.

Hammond will be joined on the show by Zach Umperovitch – described as “the world’s leading authority on Chain Reaction Machines”.

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