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Hammond Has A New Show


“The Grand Tour” and “Mythbusters” collide in a new six-part series on Amazon Prime from Richard Hammond and Tory Belleci.

The as-yet-untitled show will have Hammond and Belleci finding themselves shipwrecked and stranded on a remote yet beautiful desert island then using their engineering and scientific prowess to survive and create their personal paradise playground using only what they have from the shipwreck and what they can find on the island [which are said to include an island hopping vehicle and a supersized hydro-power waterwheel].

“Somebody needs to take hold of popular science as a genre and reinvent it for a new age. And there are only two people to do that job. Unfortunately, neither of them are available so it’s me and Tory Belleci,” said Hammond while promoting the show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

No debut date for the show has been set.

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