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Honda Partners With Aston Martin For 2026 And Beyond


After officially departing Formula One in 2021, Honda has announced they will return in 2026 as an engine partner for the Aston Martin team.

Currently, Honda engines are still used by the two Red Bull teams [Red Bull and AlphaTauri] but Honda said that Formula 1’s pursuit of carbon-neutrality by 2030 was the “key factor” behind their decision to officially re-enter the F1 fray. That, along with the expectation that new F1 rules for 2026 will increase the electrical performance of F1 engines and the fact that the FiA – the sport’s governing body – will be mandating the use of 100% carbon-neutral fuels at that time.

While Honda and Red Bull won last year’s F1 championship without controversy and is appearing to be on course to repeat that in 2023, the two companies parted ways last year and Red Bull has decided to build their own engine for 2026, but has formed a partnership with Ford to invest in the power-unit.

Aston Martin finished seventh in the F1 championship last year, but have improved their competitiveness in 2023 and currently sit second in the constructors’ championship behind Red Bull before this weekend’s 2023 Monaco Grand Prix, with their top driver, Fernando Alonso, currently third in the drivers’ championship.

Aston Martin currently has a partnership with Mercedes – which includes the rear portion of their car along with the engine, gearbox and suspension – all of which will be jettisoned in 2026.

Honda Racing Corporation chief, Koji Watanabe says that Honda has no plans to supply any other teams “for the moment”.

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