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Hot Wheels Movie About To Get Fast & Furious


Mattel’s long-standing “Hot Wheels” toy brand is scheduled to get the movie and “Fast & Furious” treatment at the same time as it was announced that former “Fast & Furious” film franchise director Justin Lin has been signed by movie studio Legendary to direct the upcoming [release date: 2018] “Hot Wheels” movie.

Hot Wheels – one of the world’s most successful toy brands, with more than five billion tiny cars produced since 1968 – has already seen television treatment with a pair of short-lived animated TV series in both 1969 and 2003. The 1969 version was quickly shut down by the FCC after the organization determined it was merely a thinly disguised advertisement for the brand but the 2003 version [see video below] had a few more episodes before also going away unceremoniously in 2006.

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