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James Bond’s Real DB2 Aston-Martin Up For Auction


When Ian Fleming was originally writing about his British superspy, James Bond, he always had him riding in a 1930s Bentley – but that was until he got around to writing “Goldfinger” – and living next door to the officer who ran Britain’s MI5 intelligence service and who just happened to own an Aston-Martin DB2/4 Mk I Vantage. Fleming is said to have noticed the DB2 and its gadgetry, which had been modified for rally driving, and changed Bond’s ride from the Bentley to the DB3 for “Goldfinger”, which was then later changed to the DB5 for the feature film.

The 1954 DB2/4 Mk I Vantage will be put up for auction by Coy’s at Blenheim Palace in England on July 12, 2014.

The DB5 that appeared in "Goldfinger" with Sean Connery.

The DB5 that appeared in “Goldfinger” with Sean Connery.

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