Justin Wilson Dies From Pocono IndyCar Crash Injuries


IndyCar driver Justin Wilson, who was struck by a chunk of debris from the nose cone of Sage Karam’s car during an IndyCar race at Pocono Raceway this weekend, has succumbed to injuries sustained from that incident. As seen in the video of the incident below, Karam’s car had spun out in a turn ahead of Wilson and after hitting the wall the nose cone came off Karam’s car, bounced onto the track where it struck Wilson in the head as he came around the same corner. Wilson was knocked out by the blow and his car was sent careening into the inside wall of the track where track safety crew converged on him immediately. Wilson was transported to the hospital where it was announced that he had sustained serious head trauma injuries and was in a coma.

But Wilson never emerged from the coma and died late Monday afternoon. Wilson was 37.

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