Lewis Hamilton Fastest On Day Three In Bahrain


Lewis Hamilton finally showed up for the 2014 Formula One racing testing season without crashing his car as he recorded the fastest lap time of the day for Mercedes in Day Three of the season’s second testing session on the Sakhir track in Bahrain. Hamilton recorded a lap time of 1:34.2 which makes him the fastest on the track so far in the Bahrain testing session. Meanwhile, three-time defending champion Sebastian Vettel relinquished driving duties to teammate Daniel Ricciardo and Ricciardo recorded a slow 1:40.7 fastest lap time in 28 laps before Red Bull had to pull in the RB10 due to yet another mechanical issue of the many that have been plaguing the team so far in the early testing sessions.

The Sakhir track was open to the public for Day Three testing...all 200 of them.

The Sakhir track was open to the public for Day Three testing…all 200 of them.

The 2014 Formula One racing season begins with the Australian Grand Prix on March 16, 2014.

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