Lorenzo says that Marquez puts other riders at risk!



Jorge Lorenzo claims Marc Marquez’s aggressive riding sets his MotoGP competitors at threat.

Marquez had been criticised by team-mate Dani Pedrosa after the Honda cyclists brushed at Aragon – the outcome of Marquez outbraking himself at the Bus Stop – which damaged Pedrosa’s traction control system and led to his violent high-side exit.

Lorenzo thinks the event, whenever seen through the context of a number of misdemeanours – including his very own final-corner clash with Marquez at Jerez – shows the globe championship frontrunner has become a risk to various other rivals.

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“The blunder had been not as serious as others, but if you sum them up then I state that he is a really aggressive rider whom sets himself and others at danger,” Lorenzo told Gazzetta dello Sport.

“The crash had been regrettable, but it’s not the very first time that Marc almost crashed into [Pedrosa]: it has taken place at Montmelo, at Misano, at Aragon.

“Logically [Pedrosa] is angry.”

Lorenzo called for


stewards to take a more difficult line over future events, saying that a 2005 competition ban aided him rein in his very own past recklessness.

“In 2005 I crashed two times into [Alex] de Angelis and I also had been prohibited for one competition,” Lorenzo stated.

“Since then my mindset has changed, I do things more thoughtfully.

“My tips are really clear: ours is the many dangerous sport [and] we currently reach the limitation by ourselves.

“If then you battle with riders whom are also aggressive… competition direction should assist in curbing the dangers, but it doesn’t occur.



since quickly as you hit somebody you obtain a large penalty. In soccer, also, there’s more security, with a difficult tackle you obtain a red card. We are light many years away from that with bikes.

“Race direction does not hand away the punishments I would like information technology to, and if this doesn’t alter, then more cyclists will drive more aggressively.”


Jorge Lorenzo and Marc Marquez

Loris Capirossi, whom sits as security consultant on the


competition direction board, stated he thought Marquez’s clash at Aragon had been not adequate to merit punishment.

Both Marquez and Pedrosa will nevertheless go to a hearing at Sepang in purchase to review the event.

Marquez has currently accrued two penalty points this 12 months following his Silverstone warm-up crash, meaning just two more points would force him to begin from the back of the grid.

“We want to hear from both cyclists together,” Capirossi verified.

“Individually, I state that if we punish this event, then half the area should be penalized.”

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