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March Madness Afflicts Lexus


March Madness – the sickness that afflicts millions of college basketball fans this month – has claimed another victim. Like a game-winning three-pointer, Lexus is launching a contest on Yahoo Sports for the 2016 NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament they like to call “GS F – The Bracket”, a custom Lexus-branded game which asks fans to pick which games in the tourney will reach a combined 60 points the fastest for an opportunity to win a GS F-inspired luxury vacation.

To sign up for “GS F The Bracket,” fans can visit beginning on March 13, 2016 [otherwise known as Selection Sunday]. For each round of the tournament, players can select which matchup will reach a combined 60 points the fastest. While fans are encouraged to make their picks before each round they can choose to join the game at any point before April 4, 2016 [the night the champion will be crowned].

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