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Maserati Collabs With Mattel To Create Barbie Grecale


Iconic Italian luxury automobile brand Maserati is collaborating with Mattel to create the one-off Maserati Grecale SUV – a vehicle designed for Mattel’s Barbie.

The ultra-limited Barbie Maserati Grecale Fuoriserie edition, will only be available in two custom units globally – one of which is part of the 2022 Neiman Marcus Fantasy Gift collection – the second unit’s destination will be announced in 2023.

The Barbie Maserati Grecale Fuoriserie edition costs $330,000 and a portion of the sales price will benefit the Barbie Dream Gap Project, Mattel’s initiative that partners with charities to help provide equal opportunities and remove barriers for girls.

The Barbie Maserati Grecale Fuoriserie edition is, of course, actually a Maserati Grecale Trofeo version all Barbie-fied [with Barbie logos] but which still features the 530 HP V6 Nettuno engine.

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