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McLaren Plucks IndyCar’s Alex Palou As Reserve Driver For 2023


2021 IndyCar champion, Alex Palou was signed by McLaren to be one of McLaren’s Formula One reserve drivers in 2023 – specifically, the 25-year-old Spaniard will be McLaren’s reserve at all grands prix that do not clash with his commitments in IndyCar, where he remains employed by the Chip Ganassi team for the 2023 IndyCar racing season.

In 2022, McLaren had access to a total of four reserve drivers.

Palou had been part of a controversy earlier this year, when a contract dispute between McLaren and Ganassi involved both teams claiming Palou was under contract to them for the 2023 season.

After some legal saber-rattling, Ganassi, McLaren and Palou worked out an agreement that allows Palou to continue with Ganassi in IndyCar next season while being allowed to test for McLaren. It is widely expected that Palou will then switch to McLaren’s IndyCar team in 2024.

In Formula 1, McLaren have lead driver Lando Norris through 2025 and rookie Oscar Piastri through 2024.

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