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Neiman-Marcus Offers Pair Of Rolls Royce Dawns For The Holidays


The 91st edition of the Neiman-Marcus Christmas Book has been released and inside as one of the so-called “fantasy gifts” offered by Neiman-Marcus are a pair of Rolls-Royce Dawns.

The Rolls-Royce Dawn is a four-seat convertible and there will be two versions of the Dawn offered as part of the Neiman-Marcus fantasy gift package – the Lago di Como Dawn [costing a mere $439,625] and the Saint-Tropez Dawn [for a more sensible $445,750].

Only 20 of the vehicles were produced for the Neiman-Marcus fantasy gift promotion and with each purchase, $1000 is donated to the Heart of Neiman-Marcus Foundation funding youth art education.

Source: Neiman-Marcus Christmas Book

The Rolls-Royce Dawn Lago di Como version.

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