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Nissan Is Afflicted By March Madness


Like most of the country, Nissan is afflicted with March Madness and has launched their “Road 2 Final Four” promotional campaign as part of their role as the official partner of the NCAA’s 2022 March Madness men’s and women’s basketball tournaments.

The campaign consists of a series of eight spots featuring mascots from 27 colleges and universities and showcasing six of Nissan’s newest vehicles, including the all-electric Ariya and new Frontier, Rogue and Z.

Additionally, Nissan is offering fans to compete in an online bracket challenge in partnership with CBS Sports. Fans can visit NCAA March Madness & The 2022 Bracket Challenge | Nissan USA for a link to enter selections in both the men’s and women’s bracket challenges. If you plan on being in either New Orleans [men] or Minneapolis [women] for Final Four weekend, Nissan will have their the “Nissan Fan Cave” and “Road 2 Final Four” exhibits there.

March Madness is sometimes cats against dogs – but unfortunately for Nissan [and those schools] – four of the six mascots depicted in the video will not be involved in March Madness tournaments [only Auburn’s Aubie the Tiger and Gonzaga’s Spike the Bulldog are the lucky ones]…

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