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Pirelli Says Tire Pressures The Cause Of 2021 Azerbaijan Grand Prix Failures


Formula One tire manufacturer, Pirelli, has concluded their investigation into the cause of the two high-speed tire failures at the 2021 Azerbaijan Grand Prix and determined that both were the result of the “running conditions of the tire” and not due to any production or quality defect or fatigue or delamination. More specifically, Pirelli found breaks in the inner sidewalls of the tires which were consistent with the likelihood that the tire pressures were altered by the teams involved.

Aston Martin’s Lance Stroll and Red Bull’s Max Verstappen both crashed out of the race when their left rear tires failed – with the latter crash costing Verstappen a certain race victory.

Pirelli said both teams began the race with the required pressures for the tires – leaving the implication that both Aston Martin and Red Bull had altered the tire pressures during the race.

Pirelli said that they have submitted their report to governing body the FIA and the teams and that both Pirelli and the FIA have subsequently agreed to a new set of protocols involving minimum tire pressures during the race that will be enforced beginning with this weekend’s upcoming 2021 French Grand Prix.

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