Pitch Black Wins DEWcision Over Baja Blast


Just in case you were losing sleep at night pondering which of Mountain Dew’s made-up flavors – Baja Blast or Pitch Black – were going to win the NASCAR sponsor’s contest [which has been going on for the past three months, in case you didn’t know], the winner can finally be declared and it is Pitch Black.

After a grand total of 5,789,284 votes were cast, Pitch Black eked out a win over Baja Blast with a few hanging chads over 2.9 million votes. This means Pitch Black – claimed by Mountain Dew [aka Pepsi] to be “a twist of citrus and dark fruit flavor” [whatever “dark fruit” is] – will become a permanent member of the Mountain Dew retail lineup, making its debut on shelves this September 2016.

Mountain Dew/Pepsi sponsors the NASCAR racing team of Kasey Kahne, Chase Elliott and Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Mountain Dew’s Pitch Black flavor was initially released in October 2004 as a limited-edition Halloween flavor but was resurrected zombie-style in 2011.

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