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Qatar Race Added To The 2021 Formula One Schedule


Formula One has added a grand prix at the Losail circuit in Qatar to their 2021 racing calendar. Qatar will make its debut on the Formula 1 calendar with the race on November 21, 2021. Qatar has also signed a 10-year deal to host a grand prix race beginning in 2023.

The gap in grand prix hosting race is due to the fact that Qatar will be filling a vacant slot on this season’s schedule and replacing one of the several previously cancelled races but will be unable to host an F1 race in 2022 to hosting the Fifa World Cup next year.

Losail – the 2021 race’s location – normally hosts MotoGP races and is not scheduled to be the race location when F1 returns in 2023 – with the reported plan to be a possible street race in the capital of Doha.

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