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Red Bull Partners With Ford For 2026 Formula One Season


Red Bull will be collaborating with Ford for the 2026 Formula One season after Red Bull’s current collaboration with Honda comes to an end.

Ford is the third most successful engine manufacturer in Formula 1 history – with 13 drivers’ championships and 10 constructors’ championships – but the majority of those results occurred in the 1960s and 1970s and Ford has not been involved in F1 since 2004.

A Ford-powered car has only won an F1 race three times in the last 30 years and Ford’s last official win came in the 2003 Brazilian Grand Prix where the race was stopped after 56 of 71 laps completed due to several crashes – seemingly with McLaren-powered Kimi Raikkonen leading at the time – but Ford was awarded the victory in post-race proceedings. It was Ford’s only victory of the year as they finished ninth out of 10 teams with a paltry 13 points.

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