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Saab Takes Center Stage In A Man Called Ove


Poor Saab is no longer the Swedish darling auto manufacturer it used to be but in “A Man Called Ove” – Sweden’s entry for the 2017 Academy Award best foreign film category that was released nationally this month in the USA – Saab is the king of the hill.

The Saab belonging to Ove's father.

The Saab belonging to Ove’s father.

The movie focuses on a curmudgeon named Ove who has suffered an almost unbelievable series of traumatic misfortunes during his life but soldiered on with the help of no one – except his trusty Saab. There are four other automobile manufacturers mentioned prominently in the movie – Audi, BMW, Renault and Volvo – and they all suffer the slings and arrows of Ove. But none receive more negative treatment than the evil Saab rival, Volvo.

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