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The 2020 Australian Grand Prix Going On As Planned


Australian Grand Prix 1, Coronavirus 0.

The season-opening 2020 Australian Grand Prix is going on as planned – at 10:10 pm [PST] on Saturday, March 14 – as it becomes to first Formula One race venue to defeat the coronavirus hysteria after the 2020 Shanghai Grand Prix was postponed and the 2020 Bahrain Grand Prix banished fans from attending.

“We’ve got to go around things sensibly. We have to keep moving on through life while taking precautions,” said Australian Grand Prix race chief, Andrew Westacott.

Professor Brendan Murphy, the chief medical officer for the Australian government, said that holding Sunday’s race would not pose a risk to public health.

“I’m not feeling at all concerned going to mass gatherings or walking down the streets in Victoria,” he said. “So I don’t think that there’s a risk at the Grand Prix.”

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