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The Great Western Forum Becomes Kia Forum


Kia America has bought the naming rights to the Forum – a sports and entertainment venue in Inglewood, California – which will now be known as the Kia Forum.

The 17,800-seat venue, is a legendary 55 year-old venue – most notably being the home of the Los Angeles Lakers during their “Showtime” era of winning National Basketball Association championships in the 1980s – and has more recently morphed into a venue for music performances, award shows, mixed martial arts and boxing.

In what is the first USA-based naming rights collaboration for Kia, the deal will include outdoor and indoor signage, the installation of EV charging stations, Kia vehicle displays [beginning with the Kia EV6, Kia’s new electric vehicle] and the establishment of the Kia Club, an exclusive hospitality lounge.

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