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The New Bugatti Chiron Will Tear Your Face Off!


The new Bugatti Chiron has [finally] officially been launched and “launched” is exactly the appropriate verb for a vehicle touting a 1,478-horsepower capability. Yes, you read that right. One thousand four hundred and seventy eight horsies. We will take a moment while you let that sink in.

Right. So the new Bugatti Chiron is carting around an 8.0-liter W16 engine with four – count ’em, four – turbos to supply all that horsepower along with 1,180 pounds of torque and, of course you know the thing weighs a metric ton. Actually, several of them – weighing in at a massive 4400 pounds.

Quite naturally, the price tag for this beast reflects all that heftiness – coming in at $2.5 million – assuming you have that kind of coin and can fight off all the rappers and try to get one.


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