Top Gear Has Arrived In Argentina


Top Gear has arrived in Argentina, where they will be filming their annual Christmas Special that caps off every season and from the looks of the pictures from Autoblog Argentina that have emerged from their arrival – they will be employing a cheap car challenge of sorts with a Porsche 928 [probably May], Lotus Esprit V8 [most likely Clarkson] and a Ford Mach I Mustang [Hammond, obviously]. The plan appears to be to drive from the Andean town of Bariloche to Ushuaia, which has the distinction of being the southernmost large city in the world [the southernmost city, regardless of population, is Puerto Williams in Chile].

Lotus Esprit V8 - most likely Clarkson's

Lotus Esprit V8 – most likely Clarkson’s

Series 22 of “Top Gear” is expected to begin on BBC America in January or February 2015.

Probably May's Porsche

Probably May’s Porsche

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